Have you ever thought on- what will happen to satellites after maturity?

@alienstar (5142)
February 2, 2007 12:20am CST
Satellites used for communication will be placed in a particular spot in space and is used for various perposes and will it be detroyed once it gets expired or what will be done when it really expires or what will be done tos atellites once it gets matured...anyone here?
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2 Feb 07
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The first artificial (man-made satellite) was a Soviet satellite named Sputnik. It was launched in the fall of 1958. It was a metal ball the size of a basketball that weighed 184 pounds. It doesn't seem so great now, but it was amazing at the time! It was only up in space for nine months. It fell through the atmosphere and burned up. There are several more types of satellites other than the research satellite. There are navigation, communication, weather, earth observing, and military satellites. There are about 9,000 satellites in orbit around the earth, and there are different types of satellite orbits. The first is the Low Earth Orbit, or L.E.O. L.E.O. is 248 to 621 miles high from earth. L.E.O. is good for weather, survey and scientific satellites. Next is the G.E.O. which stands for Geostationary Orbit. The G.E.O. orbit is about 22,300 miles above the equator. G.E.O. is good for communication and surveying satellites. The E.O. (Elliptical Orbit) is from 24,855 to only 124 miles high. It changes from high to low distance. E.O. is good for military and surveillance satellites. There is also the P.O. which is the Polar Orbit. Polar Orbit is another low earth orbit used for mapping, navigation and surveillance. Last is the H.E.O. or High Earth Orbit. H.E.O. varies from 6,214 to 12,428 miles from Earth, and it is good for navigation. Old worn out satellites will do one of the following… 1. They burn up in the atmosphere. 2. They float out into space. 3. They just have their power shutdown. 4. They explode.
@alienstar (5142)
• India
2 Feb 07
Yes, Sputnik was the first man made satellite by soviut union and it was the begining for everything for the present day satellite placing in space isn't it? nice information you have given here as i never knew all these as i never went into so much detail anytime and i alway's thaought once teh satellite expires, it will be detroyed in the space itself.Thankyou for the information. Anyway's, thanks for responding