Did you know that your dogs ears provide euphoria??

February 2, 2007 12:26am CST
Its true! If you rub your dogs ears from the base to the tip by using your index finger and your thumb they feel a sense of euphoria. Repeat the process over and over and watch them fall asleep! It also works for cats too! So if you want to send your pet to sleep then go forth and rub those ears!
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• United States
2 Feb 07
I have heard that! Sometimes, I try to hypnotize my dog by rubbing his ears, and it seems like he thinks it's pretty relaxing. He's a pretty energetic and hyper dog, so he needs something to calm him down. It also relaxes me, because his ears are supersoft and fuzzy...
• Australia
2 Feb 07
Its great isnt it! We used to wipe out our cat all the time before he passed away. He would get so smoochy and sleepy! My dogs have always loved it too!