Programme Evaluation review Technique(PERT)

@angnima (772)
February 2, 2007 12:51am CST
PERT was conceived by the U.S.Navy's Polaris submarine management team as the conventional methods of mangement and control of the project it has to deal (which involved some 11,000 sub-contractors) proved entirely inadequate. This method is very much similar to the CPM technique. The most basic difference between the two methods of advanced scheduling is the procedure for estimating the durations of various activities. In the PERT system,probablistic time is used . The planner first consults the person responsible for the completion of the activity,whose duration is to be deterermined , and with his help establishes: 1.Optimistic time(A) i.e. the shortest probable time 2.Most Likely or probable time(M), and 3.Pessimistic time(B) i.e. the longest probable time needed to complete the activity. With this information the planner estimates the probablistic time(T) by using the following formula: T = (A + 4M + B)/6
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@imrajesh (1967)
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2 Feb 07
i know about it. i had a subject on this in my engineering course in last sem. i m pursuing engineering in mechanical. thanx for the information. have a nice day.
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23 Mar 07
Wow, that is so much stuff about that. I did not know so much about PERT. Thanks for the information.