Your Inspiration?

@marcky (77)
February 2, 2007 4:18am CST
Who is your inspiration by the way?
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@sensesfail (2251)
• India
13 Feb 07
Not you.LOL.I get inspired everyday by the people i meet and those who influence me.Thats more and inspiration for me.
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
My mom will forever be an inspiration to me, like almost everyone else here.
@funnysis (2619)
• United States
3 Feb 07
Who is my inspiration well when it come to life my mom when it comes to writing Mark Twain and it is frued whaen it comes to philosophy.God inspires me for everything else so I have alot of people that give me inspration.
@lpetges (3036)
• United States
2 Feb 07
my inspriation is my husband and children.. they are the ones that make me get out of bed everyday. My husband works very hard, and NEVER complains,. i don' know how he does it. My children give me inspiration to be a better person and understand how sometimes people can make mistakes, and live through it. watching your children grow up and make it is a very rewarding feeling. it makes me realize that life is fragile, and can be gone in an instant.
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
My son is my inspiration.... He is more everything to me....
@howiedy (236)
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
My inspiration in life is my mother. She is woman of strength, character, and convicitons. She has tried her best to raise us well in spite of difficult times. She taught us the value of humility, patience, and selflessness. She inspires me in doing the best in everything that I do. She is the wind beneath my wings. Truly a lady worth emulating.
2 Feb 07
My Mother, my Wiccan friends, people I meet and famous people that I admire. My mother brought me up to be caring, gentle, understanding, helpful, polite. She loves the garden but I don't and she respects this difference of opinion. Friends of Wicca inspired me to take on a new way of thinking and a new way of life. Joanna Rowling is an inspiration to me, not just because she is incredibly famous, but because she was a single mother in abject poverty and she aspired and rose to such heights, but she never forgets her roots and she always remembers those she left behind. Her Karma is amazing and she deserves every happiness with her children and her husband. Julian McMahon is everything my father couldn't ever be. He has a little girl Maddie, and despite how hard working this man is, he is always there for his little girl. He is not married to Maddie's Mom, but they have a wonderful relationship and raise Maddie together. Brad Pitt is another example of a man who has become a wonderful father, he has taken on Angelina's children and is always there for her and the children. I admire him for this. I am inspired by Brad and Julian because they didn't abandon their children for their fame. Unlike the total waste of space who deserted and abandoned my Mother and left her to raise five children.