Why has the Caesarean Section rate risen over the years?

February 2, 2007 4:46am CST
Are Doctors to blame for the Caesarean Section? Do they want caesarean section to ask for more professional fee?Is it the easiest way for them to do that since they are on a hurry sometimes going to their clinic and attend their other patients? For over the years,most doctors chose caesarean section rather than normal delivery. you would seldom see Doctors who would patiently wait until their patient's cervix would fully dilated. Few Doctors dont do C-section even if the baby poop inside mothers womb,and variable decelerations were noted...But to most Doctors,even a single decelleration means so much for them, wherein they would decide for immediate or stat c-section. Some Doctors were after for the money,specially if they know that the patient is rich.
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