Is being a good dad necessarily means being a good husband too?

February 2, 2007 4:56am CST
To all guys out there: is this true? What can you say about the question: Is being a good dad,necessarily means being a good husband too? For me,i think so...'coz most of the daddy ive spoke with,they are also a good husband to their wife. But some are just a good dad but doesnt love the husband so well.
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• Saudi Arabia
2 Feb 07
to all guys, the answer has three parts( i do not know). you can be a good father and a very bad husband. you can be a good husband and a very bad father. you can be both good and injoy it. finally. you can both bad father and husband.
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
Thank you so much for the response. I wanted to thank you also for an excellent comment. at least now i know.