The Power of Concentration and its effect on the society

October 10, 2006 10:52am CST
In third world countries, like Nigeria, or other African countries, most people live from hand to mouth and so their desire to concentrate and make life better for the society in general has greatly been diminished or made ineffective. The ability to put back this desire into the minds of these ones can bring about drastic changes that would affect themselves, their society and the World at large. What do you think?
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• Canada
20 Oct 06
I would not say that their desire to better themselves or their society/nation is diminished, but more their ability and power to effect change is limited due to their cimcumstances. One cannot effect change in the world around them without the very basic of needs met, nor without support. Homeless/poverty-stricken people are often regarded as "less than human", with few, if any rights. I believe that to have a lasting impact on society, those in power with the resources to do so need to rally the troups and first provide the necessary aid to those who need it-only then will they be able to become productive (both personally and industrially) and have their voices heard, their opinions "count". Too long have those in power, however, complained of the poor and disenfranchised as being "lazy" or uncivilized and unable to change.