Is Internet an easy place to take revenge especially from your female friends?

February 2, 2007 7:18am CST
Many a times it has come to my notice through newspapers that people are posting obscene profiles by the names of any female whose minor details like contact info etc. they have with them. I just fail to understand sometimes that why dont such websites make sure that any obsene stuff is not going up when they are earning so much from the site.Keeping a few people for this wont require much. However, end result is such that state governments decide to ban a site such as orkut which is on the verge of closing down in my part of the world. Do anybody has a solution for this?
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@sam2k5 (7)
• India
2 Feb 07
Only educating them in the schools and the parents teaching them how to use the internet is the best way and best solution
• India
7 Feb 07
Yes, you are ryt to some extent,but I think something more needs to be done, any more suggestions?