Friends, People can be funny!

@davido (1623)
February 2, 2007 8:02am CST
I came across an old friend few hours back, I actually gave him a lift he just arrived the country fron UK and he was answering me in monosyllables so i felt he does not want to disclose much about himself. So when i got to my office i told him that where i can help him to then some of my staffs were by the gate attending to an issue so i came down hetoo did like wise and he saw the tags we were wearing and askd to know if those are my staff. He later came back and apologised for the way he behaved and told him that a fellow old friend of mind did actually poison his mind about me, over a business only to dissappear some money. Now this gut that poisoned his mind about me still comes to my place1 Should i arrange a suprise meeting for them? I should just let it go?
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@superbren (856)
22 Feb 07
no , i would not ,let it go. why should anyone get away with slandering your name? i would arrange something yes and make sure you let this mnan know what you think of him.i once had my name slandered by a very nasty person so this is a subject i feel strongly about . i took advice from a solicitor who in turn contacted the man and told him he would be in great trouble if he spoke about me again in a slanderous way.he didnt do it again .
@davido (1623)
• Canada
23 Feb 07
Well I did that and the guy simply said he was sorry sfter trying hard to cover himself. Althogh my wife who is a lawyer wanted me to write to him via an attorney, but i just let it go since my God has clarified me.