My Real Name is January

@janjabu (110)
February 2, 2007 8:14am CST
I've always been asked why I was given that name by my mother. Ever since grade school, we have been assigned to find out the history of our respective names. Which is why, ever since I was seven, I've known that my name was taken from this book called, "Once is Enough," by someone, I've forgotten his name. My mom said that even though they knew that I was going to be born in July (which I was), she wanted to give me that name because of the heroine of the novel. So now that I had the chance (and remembered to), I looked up the book on, but there's no Once is Enough whose heroine has my name! The three main characters of the book are Miles, Beryl, and John. Hmp. I wanted to purchase the book and read it myself, maybe to find out what about this character amazed my mom so much that she decided to name her firstborn after it, but then I think she was talking about a completely different book. My name couldn't have come from a maritime adventure! That's so not her! Oh well. Do you guys know where your names came from? Hope yours makes more sense than mine! :) Which gets me thinking, what would I name my firstborn? To those with kids: what helped you decide?
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@jencat70 (82)
• United States
2 Feb 07
my middle name is noel because i was supposed to be born on christmas, but i was late. otherwise, it would be my first name.
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@janjabu (110)
• Qatar
3 Feb 07
Really? I think being born on Christmas is really cool, with it being Jesus' birthdate and all, but sometimes I feel like if I had been born on that day, I'd get cheated out of one present. People would give me just one present for my birthday and for the holiday! My cousin was born 12/22 and she gets that a lot! Did your parents consider Christina for your name? Usually my friends who are born around that date are called Christine, or Christopher :) What's your first name?