Human Rights.

February 2, 2007 9:23am CST
What do you think of the Human Rights Convention, do you think that it is ridiculous that people who may have raped, murdered or commited some other crime and have been convicted and sentenced to their punishment deserve human rights whilst in prison. Some people argue that if someone has taken another humans life they deserve nothing. What do you think? I am curious as to what the general perception is as a law student who has to study this topic.
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@wmg2006 (5383)
• United States
8 Feb 07
I had to study this when I was a law student and it is a very controversial subject. In America it is believed the punishment should fit the crime and there humane and inhumane ways to trat a person. Everyone was given rights as a human, but they were also given rules and laws to abide by. These laws are set by man for man, when they are broken they are to be punished for the broken law, not to be stripped of their lively hood. We have evolved from a barbaric state of mind and have realized any law broken by man deserves a punishment. The punishment must be written out for each person and not changed because of the circumstance. Once the punishment has been completed the person can go back into society and function as a free human. Human rights are not something man can take away or give to, it is a God given birth right. The only thing man can do is take away privelages. No man should endure inhumane treatment for breaking another man's law. I know if I was the one who had been raped or the one who lost a loved one to a murderer I would want that person to be stripped of their human rights. That is just the way we think. If you put it all in perspective though, the laws were made by people not by God, or a supeior being and who has the right to take that away from me?