October 10, 2006 12:59pm CST
SUBJECT :: QC SOFTWARE FOR DATA CONVERSION PROJECT Dear Sir / Madam, We have introduced an user-friendly QC software in BPO Data Conversion field for the purpose of ascertaining the job accuracy and thereby payment of the job-doers on this field. Often the most BPO job doers stumble upon the allotted accuracy percentage owing to either lack of time stipulated or the quality of the pages given. Hence all their efforts are in vain. Considering the above, it is the good news for them who want to achieve 99% accuracy and assure payment against providing lesser labour. If you are interested just go through our product and evaluate it with your discreet. The entire decision is upto you. Also never feel hesitated to question us. Remind that we are always at your service with full grace. ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS :: 1. Spell Checker or Image Compare 2. Formatting Software which includes the below mentioned parts - a. Report Generation i. Report Generation as per Error % set. ii. Report Generation in Details b. auto Formatting c. Interactive Mode Formatting d. Custom Macro e. Insert Pages + f. Word Counting 3. Mirror Image Formatting Software 4. Word File Split-up Software (you can spilt up Multiple Pages Word file with any number combination. This way every combination will be considered as separate file.) 5. Invoice Software (generate report against word file) 6. Scanning QC Software 7. MS-Access Database Password Recovery Software 8. auto Dialup Software from MS-Word, MS-Excel file. 9. Editing job QC Software. 10. Cable Operator Management Software. BPO DATA CONVERSION JOB our software works as below:: [1] At first our SPELL CHECK / IMAGE COMPARE software checks your word file with the given image file. If you miss any character, word, line, and paragraph or if it appears any junk character at the time of Typing/OCR - our software will show you and automatically correct as per your image file. As a result there will be a perfect match between Image and word file. [2] Then it comes the process of formatting. Through our customized FORMATTING SOFTWARE, you can set the parameter given by Parent Company. After that when you run your word files through our software, automatically your word files will be updated according to your specification which was already set previously. [3] It generates the report of your done word files as per your given specification. Thus these above three processes surely eliminate the scope of mistake and pave the way for 100% payment. For details information pls. give us mail with your postal address and phone no. Contact Information: BINARY COMPUTER 134/5, Motijheel Avenue Kolkata - 700074 India Cell :: 09433105698 Cell :: 09339521714 Email :: binarycom@rediffmail.com binarycom@gmail.com chowdhurysandip_3@rediffmail.com
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