how can we find our lost mobile?

@deepuu (30)
February 2, 2007 6:17pm CST
yesterday my friend lost his mobile when we went to attend my friends brother marriage . we lost a nokia 6600 mobile with an airtel card in it. he lost his mobile in the hotel where we were staying last night (i mean the day before the mobile is lost). so we went to airtel and asked them to give the place where the is being used or the last call that is being made by that person. but it waste of time. they havent gave us the details . i thougt of getting that same mobile number with in a day because is he had used this sim card to call his friends in some case they might call him for some emergency perpose . but tomorrow is a saturday so we cant get that sim card with that same number too. then i got this one find ur mobile through this IMEI number . we can get this number by typing *#06# on your handset else it is on the back of ur mobile under ur battery and you must mail to this id with your name , adddress, phone number... . do u think this works !.so friends kindly note that number this may happen to you in fearute. if you have any idea to find the mobile plz share with me...
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@willocfc (963)
• Australia
3 Feb 07
Once its lost you have pretty much got no chance of getting it back, i would call up your phone company and cancel your account and open up a new one
@deepuu (30)
• India
3 Feb 07
how can we do that . is we have insured our mobile . we can block that mobile and get a new mobile without that we cant do that . its really waste.