"The Count of Monte Cristo"--one good story of justice and revenge!!!

February 2, 2007 8:11pm CST
This story is one of the most well-written and most inspiring in the world and I highly commend Mr. Alexander Dumas in writing this. It revolves around Edmond Dantes who had been wronged and jailed. Upon his release from the jail, there starts his revenge. It is very action-packed and very gratifying. It has me biting my nails in every series of actions and encounters. I just liked the novel better than the movie. However, both are exceptional and well-made. Try watching or reading it and you'll never be frustrated with its quality.
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• Philippines
3 Feb 07
I agree with you that the novel always will be the better one to take hold of. The way the writer describes an individual or a place is so vivid your imagination runs through it. This will never take place if you are looking at a movie running. As for the movie, I love the original one. I don't know if it is available in vcd or dvd format. We used to watch movies at the moviehouses only then, so very unlike now when we can enjoy them all in the full comforts of home. You remind me of how I used to enjoy reading the novel. Perhaps I'll take hold of a new copy. Someone borrowed mine and it never found its way back to me. It will also be good to have a copy of the movie, my friends will surely love watching it, too.