Bug in dota allstars 6.40

February 3, 2007 2:41am CST
great bug on this version... you could make every hero have baratum charge of darkness... I have the video replay to make heroes have that aura. check it out in my clan web site http://mxyzplk.byethost9.com/clan/
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• Philippines
27 Feb 07
this is cool. thank you for the info bro. now i beat my classmate with out any deaths. thanks thank you. pls inform us if there is another bug. thank you for tyhe last time. bye
• Indonesia
1 Mar 07
lol... just check my website @ http://mxyzplk.byethost9.com
• India
23 Feb 07
how does it work. i cant download the stuff so could u pls explain it to me..
• United States
24 Dec 10
The last bug that I used in dota was the windrunner ultimate glitch. it was very fun but I did it in pub games only. I could not do it any games that counted for obvious reasons
• Indonesia
1 May 07
hmm.. I don`t get it. we can get it from the official Dota Allstars website, right? Why post it here ?
@klancar (29)
• Slovenia
28 Apr 07
I tried this bug once:P. Imba: ursa with perma haste...gg
• Brazil
10 Feb 07
bug of spirit braker choose ursa warrior!!!game to enemys finish
@victor234 (506)
• Brazil
9 Feb 07
I thoght Yet :D
@zyrxdark (128)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 07
nice info bro still waiting for 6.40b or maybe 6.41 :D
• Indonesia
4 Feb 07
coooool dude.. thank for the info
@odacfry (31)
• Indonesia
3 Feb 07
wow that is cool i will try it hehhehehee
@kerbausama (1336)
• Malaysia
3 Feb 07
interesting. ..