Batista and Undertaker Vs John Cena and Shawn Michaels?

February 3, 2007 3:13am CST
What are your opinions on thins? Who do you think will win? I think Undertaker and Batista wil win, specially considering I am a smackdwon fan. What about you?
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• Pakistan
4 Feb 07
well i think under taker is the phenom and batista is the world heavy weight champion. John cena is theWWE champ and both of them are tag team champs it will be a tough match but taker and batista will win.
4 Feb 07
Yeh, but Taker deservs a world championship.
@pimponel (291)
• Romania
3 Feb 07
both are my favourite, but i chose batista because he is more strongly !
4 Feb 07
I would say tht is a good choice but, u missed out Taker.
@myfriendz (1226)
• India
3 Feb 07
i think taker and the animal will be winner of this match
3 Feb 07
Good Point.
@Steveint (17)
3 Feb 07
I don't think there'll be a finish, I think Batista will turn on Taker and HBK on Cena so it just finishes in a four way brawl. Hopefully Taker will beat Batista at wrestlemania and HBK will beat Cena too.
3 Feb 07
I agree, the 2 current Legends as World Champions.
• United States
7 Feb 07
I hope Batista and Undertaker win because I absolutely hate John Cena.
@vega83 (6342)
• Bahrain
7 Feb 07
i hope cena and hbk win. i'm a raw fan, and those two are my top favorite wrestlers.