How do you react to the statement of The President of Iran. ?

February 3, 2007 4:05am CST
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that “Unity, steadfastness and resolve of the Iranian nation will neutralize enemy plots against the Islamic Republic.“ Speaking on the first day of the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies at the shrine of the late Imam Khomeini in south Tehran, the president added, “For 27 years, the vanquished enemy has been attempting to harm us. Now it is not looking for new excuses, rather it is not capable of harming us,“ IRNA reported. “Today, the US government is engulfed in serious crises both in the region and in its own country. Its problems are so deep that it has lost its way in foreign policy. By relying on propaganda tools it is trying to shift its internal crisis overseas.“ Referring to the growing influence of the country in the region and beyond, he said, “Today the Islamic Republic has been transformed into a cultural superpower and is influencing the depths of the hearts and spirits of peoples. Are the Democrates and Republicans listening ? Is it true that Iran has become a Cultural Hub ?
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