What should I do for my Son's 1st Birthday...???

February 3, 2007 4:23am CST
My little boy is turning 1 in a couple of months and I have no idea what to do for his birthday... I want to do something for him as I think it is important that you are able to one day look back on those memories... But I have no idea... Can anyone help me out with making a decision...??? And maybe give your opinion on doing something for your child's 1st Brithday... Thanks
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3 Feb 07
Have a birthday party :) my niece did and although her son did not understand he had a cake, with a picture of him on the cake. He had presents and the adults had a good time! Its a joyous time and a way of getting together with your family at his special time.
3 Feb 07
That's a great idea...pity our famliy's are both on either side of the world. But friends will do... That's what I want. I want him to get excited and to see that everyone is having fun. And that all the fuss is about him and no one else...
@ssh123 (31086)
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3 Feb 07
1. Buy him new toys 2. Decorate the house 3. Invite relatives and family members for lunch/dinner 4. In the evening call all the children (preferably below 7 or 8 years). Give all of them some mementoes. 8.Arrange snacks, games for children 9. Record the event either in cd or in casette 10. You have to give some gift to your wife too for having given birth to the child.!!!
3 Feb 07
Thank you for your lovely ideas... I really think it is extremely important that I do something special...some of my friends think I'm mad and say there is no point because he will never remember it. Which is true but it's important that one day you can all look back on the day.