she didn't made anything wrong....

February 3, 2007 7:32am CST
in my country there are a lot of abandoned dogs on the streets, and no oane does anything to help them. last time somebody did something was to shoot and poison them. close to my office the people in an apartament house was taking care of a female dog. a very good and kind dog that was loving everybody. they even made her a dog house near the backstairs, and sometimes in the winter they let her sleep in tha staircase to not suffer from cold.they loved her and she never disturbed anyone. she was even watching their cars in the night. a while ago a new person moved there. he hates dogs and told everyone he will kill her if he finds her in the staircase again. so she was kicked out to sleep outside in cold. the dog house did't helped enough in the winter... and she was pregnant. but those good people took care of her and the puppies. today a found out that the new man poisoned the dog and killed her. for no reason. on the door to tha staircase somedy put on a paper and wrote ther "god will punish you for taking an inocent life.poor dog did nothing wrong to you" i can't help wondering what happend with the puppies.... it's so sad... wish i could do something
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