BEST CRICKET SLEDGES Part 1: The Prasad Vs Sohail Incident

February 3, 2007 11:10am CST
Cricket is a very interesting game, and sledging adds to it the extra spice that makes it much more than just a game. Here is a small compilation. Hope u enjoy and reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST: The Prasad Vs Sohail Incident: Herpo To Zero In 3 Easy Steps STEP 1: PLAY A GREAT SHOT: Amir Sohail was completely bent on demolising the Indian bowling pieces, Charging down the track to faster bowlers in this particular case he came down the ground and slashed the ball over vacant area.. the ball disappeared over the fence... what followed has since been etched in the memories of every cricet fan in the subcontinent. STEP 2: ACT OVERSMART: Amir sohail is no Miandad. But he tries to be, and fails miserably. Sohail after hitting the shot pointed his batthe area where the ball disappeared and then towards Prasad apparently gesturing where he will send the next one. Its not every day that you see a batsmab sledging the bowler, and Sohail was about to learn just why. STEP 3: GET WHAT YOU CALLED FOR: Sohail attemting to repeat the shot made room and exposed his stumps and his weakness, and in return lost his wicket and his face. As the wicket lay uprooted the favour of Sohail, pointing to pavilion this time.. SHARE YOUR VIEWS OF PRASAD A GREAT CRICKETER WHO WAS SO EVEN GREATER AT THIS SLEDGE See Video Here: Pics:
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