Ranting, ranting, galavanting

@anabaik (206)
February 3, 2007 3:16pm CST
Somehow, when i see you waiting behind my car for me to vacate your parking spot, it just makes me want to take longer. much, much longer. passive-aggressive much? why don't they have guitar hero demos at best buy anymore? what am i supposed to do while i sober up? *************** drinking with friends is fun, and funner when done whilst discussing hatred of people, and funnest when people you don't know but went to high school with someone in your group invite themselves over to talk to you, but don't get the damn point when you are OBVIOUSLY blowing them off. and brandishing a TAZER. "hey, we hate people too!" omg, no way, now we can have sleepovers and be bff because we have sooooo much in common. /don't think cause i'm talking, we're friends/ hey! ey! eh! he-he-hey! ho-ho-ho! hey! o! = don't fu*king touch me. i guess you had to be there...
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