What would you have done?

February 3, 2007 4:47pm CST
I'm really just looking at seeing what other people would have done in the same/similar situation. Half way through last year I decided it was time to finally break away from my current employer. It was my third year working there and I was getting unhappier by the day. My initial plan slightly changed due to a convincing manager who didn't want to see my quit and a moment of insanity on my part. None the less, when the time came for uni applications. I applied. When I had spoken to the head-of (my direct managers manager - the person I had to give me resignation to) way back in May I said I was going for IT - software development and the like. Which for the most part was where I was planning. So, undoubtly in an attempt to keep me. Plans were started to be made. For me to be able to contact one of the managers he deals with in the IT area. For me to be one of his staffs replacements in the next two years or so. Application time came and while selecting preferred courses I stumbled across a new little gem. A Bachelor of Interactive Media. Now, up until my current job (being my first full time paid job) my entire life has been spent in the world of entertainment and all my dreams involved the same. After completely a bachelor of business majoring in the music industry a few years back I spent a year unemployed. Most job interviews seemed to come about through curiosity about the course rather than any potential chance at actually getting the job in question. It was a horrible period of time. Needless to say I didn't know what to do. Go with my heart and therefore the media course or go with the realistic safe option. I largely feared getting pigeonholed with all the media/entertainment stuff and once again being in the world of unemployment. I ended up going with the safe option. Although I chose the safe option at the same uni as the media course so if I find I don't actually like the safe I will hopefully have few issues to transfer over. I've also chosen some of the compulsory subjects from the media course as my electives. So what would you have done?
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@Sasselle (698)
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4 Feb 07
Probably have gone with the safe option ... at least then if you wanted to do further study you could go what you wanted too and have something to fall back on if it all fell through
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10 Feb 07
Thanks for your input.