Game Recap - Feb/03/07 - Toronto Maple Leafs @ Ottawa Senators

@vrccan (20)
February 3, 2007 9:11pm CST
Alright folks, we need to do something to get some activity going on around here! I thought a good way to start would be do game recaps each time, so whoever's around whenever the game's over can go ahead and start the thread, and we can all go ahead and comment on what we thought of the game. Anyway, it was a pretty good game, all things considered. The Leafs jumped out to a 2-0 lead, which they squandered in the 3rd period. The game ended up going to a shootout, with the Leafs eventually prevailing and taking 2 points from a game that seriously never should have gone to overtime to begin with. Protecting a lead has been a problem at times for the Leafs this year, but they escaped with it this time (although they did end up giving a point back to their divisional rival because of poor lead protection). I'll post the official game recap from when it becomes available! =)
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@patgalca (16865)
• Orangeville, Ontario
4 Feb 07
Thanks for filling us in. My 10yo daughter usually yells from upstairs giving me updates while I am watching shows I taped during the week. She has a friend sleeping over tonight so didn't watch the game. She wanted ME to update HER. I can at least tell her how it turned out. Thanks.
@vrccan (20)
• Canada
4 Feb 07
No problem! =) If you want, you can find the official game recap @