donations for a cancer patient

@algie123 (289)
February 3, 2007 11:52pm CST
My father is cancer patient and he has a day or month to live here on earth. We accepted that he will die, he is so weak and thin. Almost everyday he suffer to a great pain, and i know how much he endure. Everyday, he is groaning on his room, i was so pity on his condition. And its really hard to accept to me that i can not help him to his suffering. I used to work as a cashier on the internet cafe to help them but i quit when father got his sick. all of my saving are gone on his medicine. My father was so ashamed to his conditions but i told him not to worry and tell him that i love him so much. His only wish is to ease the pain of his stomach. but i dont have money to buy a pain reliever for his pain. I dont know what to do, sometimes i think to ask for a help at the internet but i dont have a knowledge on how. I heard that through writing a blog you can connect to the other people. I would like to plan to as a donations through blogging. Can you help me? I would like to help my father very much i hope to hear from guys, and i have a big trust on you. Please help me helping me is like helping my father. Is there a site or company that i can ask for help of ask for donations? I hope to hear from you! thank you!
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