What have I been lately?

February 4, 2007 12:12am CST
I'm a true compassionate man. I tell stories all the time, i talk alot and spill jokes here and there, so basically I'm a happy man. This entails that I have alot of friends, humility aside, but I really think that there are alot of people who like me. But, this perkiness i have translates into something negative in my personal life. Ofcourse, I'm just a man and I need some affection. To be fair to my family and friends, they shower me with this alot everytime. But for a man at the peak of my age, I need someone to be with. And my jolliness sometimes stops me to be with someone. Whenever I like someone, i make friends with them, because, well, it is the best way to start. And yes, we always end up together, together as bestfriends. Damn! How can I make someone love me as a life partner and not just a bestfriend? Or is this just a reminiscent of a bad past relationship? Now, there is a clamor from my close friends that I have to find a new love, or else I will be forever under the shadow of my ex-girlfriend. I dunno what to do.. but this is what I have been lately, and Im not liking it!
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