what is your opinion on the war in iraq ?

February 4, 2007 12:26am CST
my opinion is that there is no way to win , unless iran is taken out of the equasion . iran has been the biggest problem in the middle east since the shaw was ousted . i fear that we will pull out before iran is brought to bear , but that won't happen , at least not yet . we cant in reallity pull out , so troop withdrawl is only a democratic election year ruse . i wish that the american people , and our allies would see this , but of course they see it , of course they get it . but attacking iran would be costly , and players like russia , china , ect... would loose their mind . plus iran provides a nice diversion from russia's critics , and from china's growing world status . if we want to defeat the terrorists , then we are going to have to isolate iran . what do you think ?
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• India
4 Feb 07
It is waste of time,money and life.
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• Sweden
14 Sep 07
I think its a failing of the US government and a mess they dont have the resources to clean up. Many people say they should just pull out but sadly the window for pulling out was sadly passed when they failed to get a new Iraqi government in place in good time. Its within this wait that the Iraqi population grew a large influx of these insurgents. If the US left the captial now it would make the USA look even worse not beeing able to clear up their mess. Think about it what did they go to iraq for? to kill Sadam? no to take over the nation? no to install a new gorvernment? no AH yes to look for weapons of mass destruction. Should of stayed in afganistan.
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• United States
7 Feb 07
I guess this is where i wished i would have paid attention in civics class. I try and watch tv and pay attention to the war and what is going on. I cant say to much because i dont know much. I dont think busch should have our men and women over there we should be here building us a better america
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