Do you know agloco? another Myspace

February 4, 2007 2:07am CST
Maybe you know google, youtube and myspace... I want to ask:Why are they famous? I think maybe it serve for us or make us feel convenient. Make us feel that we are the host of the wedsites or search something more easy. So I must say--who help others, who will win in the right now and in the future. Why do I told about "agloco" here? Because it follow the principle "serve for people". it make you obtain the economy profit following the fast growing of the online trading. Everyday advertiser, search provider, and online retails pay for the ad company. But you can not share the profit from it. "agloco" let you have the chance to join in this game, to earn money less or more. If I say there are some free money onlone, only join in and no risk, many people will join it. After that, what are the following happenning ? Beginning, "agloco" may depend on google search or other big companies to earn money to live on. But after having billions of millions of people in it, "agloco" can post itself advertising,so it can earn money by itself, just like myspace. Myspace maybe only belong to America or other English speaker. On the contray, "agloco" belong to the world, no matter you are a american or a japenese. And now, agloco had developed many kinds of languages, such as for spain, china, japan and so on. So i say, if this program lauch , undoubted, it will become another mypace, or more successful than myspace. If you have insterest for it ,You can browse this wedsite following the link
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