Is taking alcohol good for health?

Is taking alcohol good for health? - House,Inc - men Drinking whiskey
February 4, 2007 6:06am CST
Last night my friend had taken alcohol in excess quantity and made big hungama . He had behaved in descently with public . They had given police complaint . so as a result he was in police station now . He spoiled his life now . Is its necessary to take alcohol (hot drinks)? If so is there any limit for it? Is that one(hot drinks) good for health?
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4 Feb 07
hey one drink is surely not a problem ...if taken once in a sure even U would agree to that...!! but having it daily....or having more than a glass at a party can be disastrous in the long run...moreover it gives a very bad impression to the pple present at a party!! u wouldnt want your life long image/reputation to be spoiled in just one night!!! i hope that friendz fine...though hez now got a criminal record to his name....but u are lucky it isnt a big deal in india....but if he were anywhere would have been very difficult for him 2 get a any job!! alway know your limit b4 taking any drinks....and keep in that limit....have fun ...definately ...but be safe too...!! CHeerz!! ^_^
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@astroo13 (964)
• India
5 Feb 07
I don't drink. I had to face many such incidents in my life.One was of a friend calling me at 1am to go to the police station with my father and get him out,because he couldn't tell his parents.My father was mad but he went with me to get him out. Unfortunately he still drinks.