affairs of the heart

February 4, 2007 6:34am CST
well here goes...i have a boyfriend,and we will be celebrating our 6th anniversary this february 18.but sad to say,i have not been that loyal to him,i don't know if he too was unfaithful in the course of our relationship.i have a very close guy friend,we've been friends for 3 yrs already,and months ago,specifically last october,i think,we've grown too make a long story short,something happened between us,and i was ready to break up with my boyfriend for him at that time.but i don't know what happened,we just grew apart!he is inlove with a friend of mine,and while we were having our affair,he tried courting her,but she refused him.he thought i didn't know of this,but i told him i knew,that's when i noticed our relationship fading fast.i just don't understand what,we don't even talk to each other anymore!he doesn't look me in the eye when we talk,and if we talk,it's usually just in a casual!!!!i feel jealous sometimes when he's talking,or is with other girls!!grrrrr..but i love my boyfriend now,much more than before,i just want things to be clarified between me and my friend.i need your help!thanks!
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• Philippines
7 Mar 07
you know what its just a matter of confusion on whom you really want to be with? u love your close friend and you love your boyfriend? must not really take things seriously now you are still young and have a long way to go..
@mashimaro (1094)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
You should talk, and you should tell him about your should be frank. Try to make up things, try to ask yourself and to him what's going on? What happened between the two of up. good luck
• Bangladesh
16 Feb 07
You are confused I think. Just let your self follow the heart and tell him frankly about your mental state.