Do you bite your nails?

@dienutza (449)
February 4, 2007 8:41am CST
it's a funny question but i think that if we think better we can say that biting your nails it's a desease because it's a bad "habit"..don't be ashamed to confess...let's see
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• United States
4 Feb 07
I bite my nails all the time, mostly when I'm nervous or just waiting. I've learned that when I get my nails done, with a set on that I won't do it because there is no point lol.
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• United States
18 Sep 07
Yes funny. But to answer your question somethimes i do bite my nails.
@andrejuly84 (1047)
• Romania
22 Aug 07
i admit i have that bad habit since i wasa kid.but know i have more tahn a month since i let my nails grow and applied on them nail email so look pretty nice now even not so wel as i would like to
@snyker (134)
• Romania
22 Aug 07
only when i`m afraid...;))
• Pakistan
11 Apr 07
no i dont... thank goodness :P
• China
6 Mar 07
ya it is really a bad habbit i dont like to do but often i do this when i am not able to find my nail cutter. but i really hate this habbit. one of my friend hadi also do this i have seen him many times doing this. he is same like me he also hate this habbit but still we both do this i will try to finish my this habbit your sincerely Usman2good
@vicat506 (132)
• United States
28 Feb 07
Yes, I wait tables and when my nails get to a cartian point, they break. I usually then bite them off, grab some anitbacterial lotion, and get back to work!
• Canada
16 Feb 07
i only bite my nails when their broken or sumthing i'll bite them to make them normal lookin again, other then that i can't say i relly bite my nails, i might when i'm bored but not often!
@gaganlok (587)
• India
14 Feb 07
When i was child i used to bite but not now..I'm a good boy after all .. lol
• Romania
7 Feb 07
:)) No i don't have this bad habbit of biting my nails, i just cut them, i hate this bad habbit, I have a cousin that bites them especially when he is nervous and they look horrible.
@xXmeganxX (4421)
4 Feb 07
hi there, i used to have a bad habit of biting my nails about 2 years back and when i asked the doctor why i do this, he said it was just a habit many people have and that i should stop it because it's just like licking a toilet seat due to all the germs in your fingernails off touching things! eeww.. since then i haven't even put my finger by my mouth, LOL!