Other Option

February 4, 2007 9:02am CST
Other Options... Managing a balancing act with your insulin shots is not the only way you can manipulate your system so that you can enjoy high levels of exercise. Another avenue that you can take in order to prevent hypoglycemia is to eat a little bit of carbohydrate before, and especially during exercise. Carbohydrates will raise your blood glucose level very quickly and if you are exercising with enough intensity than your body will draw on this glucose for energy. A second way of using insulin at its best in order to enjoy lengthier bouts of exercise is to pay attention to the injection sites in relation to what exercise you will be doing. In other words, be sure to inject your insulin in the areas that you may be the most stressed during a workout. Let's take running for example, if you inject insulin into your arm or shoulder that it will take a bit longer to become active as opposed to taking it into your legs. Because your legs are going to be stressed more during your runs, it is obviously best to inject your insulin into that body part.
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