Apnoea... what is the remedy?

February 4, 2007 4:59pm CST
i constantly experience apnoea (suffocating during sleep w/c leads to your mind becoming concious but your body is still asleep - and you couldn't breath). it usually occurs when i've taken a nap in the afternoon or when i haven't slept for a night. or sometimes it just occurs. i've asked my doctor about this and he recommended that i see a neurologist. does anyone have the same condition? what is the remedy for this? and what is causing this?
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• Malaysia
14 May 07
You can try melatrol. Preview the site here. http://womenabout.wordpress.com
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
I have experienced also apnoea. It happened to me twice. Basing from my experience I think one cause of it is tiredness and stress. What I am doing to avoid such during times that I am very tired is I take a warm bath, then eat a banana and drink milk one hour before going to sleep and of course pray.
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