How do you like your boss, being down-to-earth or authoriatarian?

@Taski5 (35)
February 4, 2007 7:07pm CST
Hey, I bet you have a story to tell on these two characters here. I have an impression on the former as the unprepared guy who fish ideas from his subordinates. Not a very strong leader you might think but he's typically doing outsourcing which is more effective thing to do as a leader. The latter show a very strong personality, do his homework and implement it. Personalities of this kind are the ones who conquer worlds. Are they a certified self-centered bulwark or the one who really think of everyone's welfare. Do you agree with me?
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• Hyderabad, India
5 Feb 07
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@Wanderlaugh (1623)
• Australia
5 Feb 07
No, don't agree. The authoritarian can be a weak boss, being tyrannical to maintain his own position. I had one of those whose own work was done largely by his subordinates. Some don't think of anyone's welfare, including the job. "Strong leadership" needs to lead somewhere. "Strong personality" seems to go only so far as being pushy to people who can't answer back. Not my idea of leadership. Generally not good at handling situations where they can't make things happen by giving instructions. The down to earth type tends to be the practical, experienced one. I've had a few managers, good and bad, and the down to earth type is dependable. Perhaps not a "leader" in the sense of world/office domination, but knows their stuff and is always competent. I've managed a few people over the years, and in my experience, those that need to be authoritarian don't know how to handle their staff any other way. I also found them fairly useless outside their own immediate interests, selfish and sometimes obstructive. There doesn't need to be any doubt about who's giving the orders, but you can do that without making a major drama out of it.