Freemasons and DaVinci code

@TheNack (140)
South Africa
October 11, 2006 4:14am CST
Just to ad something interesting, I just saw and ad to the left, advertising "massive savings" on Dan Brown novels. "almost Free" it says. And the seller? the freemason website. Interesting connectation don't you think. Why would the freemasons be pushing, flooding the market, with DanBrown books. Perhaps you shouldn't wonder why it received critisism from Christians but why these extremely religious fanatics (as far as I can find out they are fanatical occultists) want YOU to read it. Do anyone have an opinion on this? I would love to hear it, I find this quite interesting.
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@Force_Fed (748)
• United States
21 Oct 06
The Freemason may complain in public about these conspiricy theories giving them a bad name, but deepdown they appreciate the publicity. Any secret society enjoys the mistique offered by this. Their going to capitolize on it the best they can. Force