Staring Me In The Face(2)

February 5, 2007 12:31am CST
"Someone he knew?" "Yeah. Could be strategy. Maybe he fancies you." "Fancies me? But he's old." "Only old enough to be your father." I grabbed my tray and left the table. I didn't do much work that afternoon. I kept wishing Mark hadn't said what he had said. Old enough to be your father. The following week I took along a book to read during lunchtime. When I got into the lift on my floor, he was already inside. He greeted me so I had to reply but I didn't smile. We were alone and that worried me. I wondered whether I should get out at the next floor and walk up the stairs to the canteen. Don't panic, I thought. Just because he's stared at you for ages doesn't mean he's going to do anything. " Well, I suppose one of us should press the button or we'll be here all day, won't we?" I'd been so busy wondering what he was going to do and expecting him to do something, that I'd completely forgotten to do anything myself. I felt like an idiot and this made me smile and
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