I love my work but i hate my boss!

February 5, 2007 4:30am CST
what would i do? i really love my work but i hate my boss... she is corrupt... backbiter... hypocrite... mean and greedy! There are allot of her staff that resigned because of her attitude but i dont want to join them because i need to have a job and because i honestly love my job... And aside from that, her daughter is a good friend of mine. My officemates and I find her too mean that we want her to get fired...
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@Zebrochka (333)
• Brazil
5 Feb 07
Dear Friend, That is a really sad situation that you are in right now, but at least I am happy to hear that you love your job! Have you already thought of findning a similar position in another place? Would it be difficult to do? If yes, is your boss the owner of the business? Are there any other management that can maybe help you with advise or support? If not, just try to be the best you can at your performance and distance yourself from your boss as much as you can. There is no sense is stressing yoruself about the things that you canĀ“t change. Good luck!
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
Hello! Thank you so much for you reply..it is difficult for me to find the same job because its not easys to get a job especially if your family is known to be an opposition in politics.. i am connected with the local government unit of the province i belong. Its very impossible to get distance from her because everytime we do fieldwork, it is me she is always looking for to be with her, we eat lunch together and she is the mother of my close friend...