Ruling Power on the World

February 5, 2007 6:17am CST
Which country has the ruling power on the world? Either it is US... which can end the Iraq and Saddam Or India a peaceful with mega mind country...or any other ? I can't say any other country because I can't say that except India and America any more have this type of capability.. if I m wrong then please specify...
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• Malaysia
5 Feb 07
Britian,its controlling so many countries peacefully,and all its colonies are growing in every way,malaysia,canada,Australia,etc. There are so many countries that are being controlled by the great Britian.and britian is not as noisy as US.Its culture has taken over the world,the language,the soccer,the clothing,etc.
@MarioBLQ (90)
• Italy
5 Feb 07
i don't see how India can rule power on the world.. ok it's a future industrial and world power, but i don't see anything of great now... personally i think that no nation must rule power on the world..