February 5, 2007 6:39am CST
whether you have given any money to get the work or get the money from others to finish their work
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• India
12 Feb 07
i never did such thing.. but in the future it may happen or it force me to do such things... so its not going to be permanent in my words...
@Lindalinda (4111)
• Canada
5 Feb 07
I am a retired public servant and have never given or received money to do anything my job required me to do. This is not to say that no one ever takes a bribe here but basically it is rare and if found out the official would loose his job immediately and be prosecuted as well. I understand though that in some societies it is a common and required practice. I suppose if I lived in one of those societies I would give "bakshish" (a bribe) to get ahead.