Gall bladder health, need help !

United States
February 5, 2007 8:16am CST
My best friend just found out that the reason she has such bad stiomach pain is because of her gall bladder. She has been told that she must follow a strick diet until it comes out then she will still have to watch very carefully what she eats. Has anyone had this same thing, can you tell me what she can expect from the sergery ? How did you eat before and after and did it make a big diference. Any tips and sugestions you might have will be very helpfull. Thanks so much !
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@XxAngelxX (2831)
• Canada
5 Feb 07
A friend of mine had to have emergency surgery done to remove her gall bladder a few years ago. She is perfectly fine today and although she eats a lot of healthy foods (mainly these) she also treats herself on occasion at McDonald's or whatever and it has never bothered her. I think it is like anything else, everything is fine in moderation, it's when we overdo it that we suffer the problems.
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• United States
5 Feb 07
Thanks for the info, It wil help.
@flashjet (56)
• Pakistan
30 Jul 07
What exactly do you mean by saying that your friend's "stiomach (sic) pain is because of her gall bladder". What disease is she suffering from...gall bladder stones? If so what type of gall bladder stones? And what strict diet is she put on? The prognosis of her recovery after surgery depends upon the severity of her disease, her present health condition, the type of surgery undertaken and the experience of the surgeon undertaking her surgery.