how was your day?

@labesi (22)
February 5, 2007 10:07am CST
i had a pretty fine day. i woke up late for class i was groggy and all so i decided not to go to class and snuggle some more sleep. its really hard to sleep these nights im not so comfy my mum is in my bedroom. i dont know why i never appreciated sleep up to now. i woke up feeling fine. i didnt remember exactly what my dreams are but i know they're good. i believe that when you have plans for yourself the indication of that are sweet dreams. i was peacefully cheerful. i still feel better every after suicide nights. i was proud of myself i did some laundry, i helped some friends. i finally get out, buy myself some favorite stuffs like soap, tea and moisturizer and gummy candy for my little brother. while i was doing my grocery i realize i need so many things i cant buy. i think i should be the one to pay for my vices not what my mother gives me. i remember this email sent to me by a friend. so i thought, why dont i give this a shot. and so here it is. quite a simple day huh but it's really meaningful to me. you? how was your day?
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• India
5 Feb 07
My day was perfect... I Bunkd College and had fun with My Friends in the City...!!1 Came Back and started Browsing...!!!