do you miss your school days????

@schummi (925)
February 5, 2007 10:32am CST
i would love to just go back to the school once again in my life and never want to grow up again.the school days were just wonderful and icna tforget them as they hold lots of worthy memories for me.and i really do miss first crush,my first love ,my forst kiss,all were in that life only then how can i just forget them .sometimes i think that what if we were never came out of the school and just stayed with our friends only .never had to worry about our pocket monet or had to think about our career and so on.would nt it be nice if were jsut kids who never grew up
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• United States
5 Feb 07
Oh god no! Sorry, but I was a victim of bullies. I had a hard time in school because I was learning disabled and overweight plus I wore thick glasses. I'd have to say no.
• Ireland
5 Feb 07
I am afraid that I would never miss my school days. Teachers were very strict and we were caned for every little thing that wasn't right. The day I left school, must have been the happiest day of my life. No more homework and more time to spend with my friends. The prospects of a job and my very own salary to spend as I wished. Ooh, I never want to remember my school days.
5 Feb 07
not really! i do miss university! my friends from school were good but i'm still in touch with most of my close ones and i definately don't miss the uniform (it was green and navy!)
@Lifeless (2635)
• India
5 Feb 07
Oh, a lottt......... I think they were the best days of my life. Everything was so good till i step out of it. All my frnds, man it was so much fun. We used to hang out after school(n smtimes even in between school, bunking!!!) and makes loads of fun. I also miss all those outdoor sports which i used to play, i hardly get time now... To summarize, i will repeat,"Those were the best days of my life"...
@itgalary (633)
5 Feb 07
yes...but we can do nothing for that