Victim of fraud by my own cousin!?

@p_i123 (486)
October 11, 2006 7:44am CST
Victim of fraud by my own cousin!? I was trying to do a re-fi on my condo and was turned down. To make a long long story short-basically I found out that my cousin had gotten a hold of all of my information and opened up a po box in her name to have all the credit card statments sent there, took out many cash advances on credit cards, etc- overall debt she put me in is $84,000. This has been going on for two years-i have talked to banks, experian, etc to see what I can do and all they keep saying is that I will have to pay it back since it has been so long and is not recent- I turn her in to the police and she will go to jail but what good will that do if I have to pay anyways?? Does anyone know what the proper procedures are to this problem or am I screwed and have to pay all of that back? Please only real advice
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