why do you admire tyre banks so much?

February 5, 2007 7:29pm CST
this discussion is for all tyra banks fanatics, what is it in tyra banks that you like the most? why?
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@blee92 (581)
• United States
6 Feb 07
shes real, shes not fake like other celebrities and he seems really cool. she has this thing about sisterhood that i admire a lot and a lot of young girls look up to her. plus she is beautiful and don't forget she use to be a model and models are so pretty. she also loves her mom which i think is very important and she took a risk in the beginning of her career to fly to paris when she was younger and i don't think i would have had the guts to do what she did. plus she is very successful as a businesse women!
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• Philippines
6 Feb 07
yeah i really think she is real, and i can feel that she can sympathize with her guest especially her audeince. And most of her topics are about the lives of the ordinary people. Not like in the philippines where the talk shows topics are senseless and always about the lives of those hypocrite artists. that is why i hate watching talk shows here in the philippines because most of them are fake. I hate one host bec. you can feel that she is criticizing her collegues,co artist and esp those people that are not as famous as her (the ordinary individual)
@lafavorito (2964)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
tyra banks - tyra banks on a victoria's secret fashion show
I like Tyra Banks because she's not the typical airhead supermodel, she's very intelligent in her talk show. She's not afraid to speak up her mind if she thinks something worng is going on with her guests. I don't find her fake, in fact she's too natural on tv. I'm actually jealous because her mom obviously loves her, and she got successfull because of the support she received from her mom. Also she believe that modelling is not all about partying like most people do, it's a really hard business to stay on.
@shalwani (760)
• Pakistan
11 Mar 07
I love her Body! her expressions and her professionalism! She has a charismatic personality.