Are you willingly to risk every thing?

February 5, 2007 9:21pm CST
When you are in a relation ship are you willing ly to risk it all your trust you hearth evn you life can you take the chances?
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• Philippines
10 Feb 07
Yes. But I can say that its not risking. If you choose love a person, you will trust him/her and will give your heart to him/her without any exceptions. It will come naturally.
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• United States
10 Feb 07
I like the way you worded it..choose to love. Loving someone is so much more than an action and a feeling, its a decision and a choice..not about hte other person as much as it is about yourself as well. You CHOOSE to let go of your inhibitions, your fears, and risk..yes RISK getting hurt...but when its are taking a risk on someone you've already trusted not to hurt you. For me, the 3 biggest things in any relationship for myself are communication, trust and honesty. This goes for friendships, not just relationships and love. My relationship wtih my husband was based on a best of friends level for two years, before we ever started dating, so we already had formed that trust between each other, that it didnt feel like I was taking any risks at all. I honestly dont know when I "fell in love with him"...I just remember the day I realized how much life wouldnt be the same if he werent an integral part of it.
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
Wow You really do love him. Well you're a lucky one that you found a guy that really can play a great role to your life.
@guito2005 (175)
• Portugal
6 Feb 07
i don't understand the question, but if you ara asking if in a relationship we take risks. the answer is yes. it's just the relationship that matters
@jolope (988)
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
i agree with you..i also cant understand the question..but if in case he is asking about taking risks in a relationship..well yea..i do take risks..because risks are life's challenges that if not not taken then it will be left its like you'll be missing a'll miss the happiness that it could have given and the lessons that you might have learned from hurting..
@SHAMRACK (8521)
• India
26 Jan 09
Dear friend, To maintain a good relationship I would take risks and even if it is a love I do not hesitate to take risk provided that person love me too .
• India
7 Feb 07
i can take risk of anytype to overcome all hurdles coming in the way of my love life.