fix it, fix it..

February 5, 2007 11:38pm CST
Date Night: Find It & Fix It "Each day I spend with you is rewarded by special memories. Things that we do together complete our daily thoughts, for without you there is no bright, sun shining day." --submitted by Paris Mkhabela Whether you're crafty or not, this date idea is sure to win you points for creativity. The premise is to work together to find a furniture piece you like, then take it home and fix it up. If you live in separate dwellings, make it a date that covers two nights. Use one night to make something for yourself and the next night to make something for your partner. Finding the Furniture Depending on the time of day you can find new or used furniture in a variety of places. You'll want to find something that is in fairly good shape. A table or a chair that could use a good coat of paint is a great starter project. When looking for your piece, consider some of the following options: ? Thrift store ? Yard sales ? Estate sales ? Swap meet ? Unfinished furniture store ? Discount store ? Thrown away furniture ? Furniture a friend might be giving away Fixing It Up Once you've found a piece you both like, it's time to get it home and start the fun. Pick out a location where you have enough room to work on it together and that has good ventilation. Protect the floor with a drop cloth and put on some clothes you won't mind getting ruined. Painting It Chances are your creation is going to need a little paint, so don't forget to sand the piece first. When selecting the paint, keep the size of your piece in mind. If it's something small you might consider spray paint. There are many different spray textures you can use for cool effects. There are also many styles of faux painting you can try. Be willing to experiment. If you hate it, you can sand it down and repaint it later. Embellish It After your furniture piece has been painted and dried, you might consider adding your own personal touches to it. You can decoupage memorabilia from past dates, or glue on jewels or other embellishments that match your d├ęcor. Wallpaper cut-outs can also be a great finishing touch
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