are u think of love ???????????

February 6, 2007 2:01am CST
in my begining life i was never think of love i think its a dreaming in our brain but when i was i 20 years i fell it so mush and going on it put sudenly i get up from dreaming coz she left me and back never think of love. what ur think of u, are ther love or no?!!!!!!
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• United States
6 Feb 07
im not sure exactly what your asking..i think its if i believe in love? yes, i believe in love. but like many things in life, sometimes love goes away. that doesnt mean it doesnt exist. its sad and it hurts like hell, but you know what? you WILL find love again. give it time, the pain will eventually ease and you'll find someone else catching your interest.
• Egypt
6 Feb 07
are u think that ? if the first one left me why not any one other say that she love me and left me too? whatever thank for response.