I don't think it's working anymore...

@janjabu (110)
February 6, 2007 2:45am CST
I work for an airline based in the Middle East. When I first accepted the job, I understood that this would mean separation from my family for extended periods of time, and of course, beginning a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of two years. In the beginning, I had such strong faith that we can do this sort of thing, be together without being together; I mean, a lot of other people are successfully doing it, why can't we? But now, just now, I get this message from him saying he can no longer be the man that I want him to be (?) and he hopes that we can remain friends. I have to admit that it hurts, realizing that this movement of mine to another place is ultimately for us. This job will help me save faster and...well, I don't know anymore. Is anyone here in a long distance relationship as well? How are you making it work? I have low hopes that this is fixable, but if anybody has any advise on how I can maybe make this work somehow I would greatly appreciate it.
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