Do you feel that you are being deprived of a private space???

@sohamd (46)
February 6, 2007 3:18am CST
Sometimes I feel why my girlfriend is infringing my private space.You know I think that all human being should be left alone to himself atleast some part of the day.But that does not always happen with.I sometimes feel very irritated but then there's nothing that can be done.Folks if you ever had the same feeling share it here...
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• Canada
11 Feb 07
I've felt like that in the past, where there is just no time to yourself, and I really don't like that feeling. This is a small house and for two years here it was myself, my sister, my cousin and my father living here. And I'm used to a much bigger house and just two people before that lol... But right now it's pretty good, cause things have settled down a lot, and I'm usually the only one home during the day, so I get plenty of time to myself. I'm definately the kind of person that likes to have lots of personal space :)
@sohamd (46)
• India
11 Feb 07
Good thing for you..I think people should have thier private space.I always love mine.