The 3D's to a perfect woman

February 6, 2007 3:51am CST
Ever dreamed of the perfect girl right by your side as you stroll inside the crowded mall? Well, who doesn't? We have been looking in every nook, every corner of the world to find the prettiest girl to compliment our manhood. Yes, I do agree that her brain and attitude very much contribute to our perfect girl - even to a stable relationship. But let us focus on the dynamics of the physical aspects and its effects on us. Primarily, looks matter. Period. We are always mesmerized whenever we see a pretty girl passing us by. It contributes something in us. It makes us feel better. Men have tendencies to be proud of something that others do not have. And whether we admit it or not, our ego is the one that we always nurture and protect consciously or unconsciously. There are lots of pretty girls even those who are average one. Even more ugly girls mixing in the general public. Admit it, we want an attractive woman to be our partner. So how do ugly women turn into a nymph and pretty women even prettier? Here's how. Distance - It is a general rule. The longer the distance between you and your prospect, the prettier she is. Not only that your eyeballs adjust to the distance (no matter how hard you squint) but also it hides the details that contribute to her beauty. For example, you are in a bar and you spotted a pretty girl from afar, she might have that beautiful, angelic smile from that distance but as she comes near you and smiled, you will discover that some front tooth is missing or even have those grandmama dentures. Or from a distance she might have that smooth, o so good white skin but as you go near her you will notice some minute details that will make you puke your guts out. Darkness - Are you afraid of the dark? Yes? No? If you are not, then you should be. You can't see when you are in the dark unless you wear those military issued nightgoggles. And this very darkness is the culprit of those ugly pretenders and wanna-be pretty. Darkness is their ally. Trust me, don't make decisions when you are in the dark. Remember this: Follow the light, and it will show you the way. Drunkeness - Don't be the drunken master because the next morning when you wake up and look who is beside you, you will end up sleeping with a man or getting laid by Dumbo. Alcohol is a depressant. It depresses your level of consciousness or awareness. It lowers your heartbeat and respiration. And it significantly lowers your standard of beauty. The more you drink booze, the more it makes ugly girls pretty. Not only that, the more you drink, the more your level of perception is focused to yourself, rendering you helpless and unaware of the surroundings. That is the dire effect of alcohol. Rule no. 2: Alcohol and women don't mix. There you go, the 3Ds for ultimate fun. Presence of one then you are gone. If you have all three, you will be lead to destruction and eternal damnation. So be wary, when your drank and wasted, who knows, maybe there is a miracle or something, so you wouldn't end up with Dumbo. But if you ended up with Dumbo or a man, then, you are doomed.
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