purpose and way of living life

February 6, 2007 4:01am CST
the most commonly followed route/way of life for most of humanity is:we are born,raised up,grown,get educated,get married,do jobs to earn money,have children,raise & educate our children,help them getting married,retire and finally die. i often wonder whether this is the best or only way of life. why we don't break or even try to break this cycle en masse. i lost my patience to ponder/brood over this topic today when a neighbourer having good relations with me as well as with locality,suddenly died in the morning,his 2 year old kid playing in his lap,unaware of the fact that his father is dead.yesterday evening he was talking with me and 5-6more neighbours,as usual.he was tea-totaller,having no disease,always happy/talkative/docile/joking/hard working and happily living with his wife and parents,and 2 kids aged 7 and 2years. i imagined myself as his kid,spouse & parents for a while as to find out how they might be feeling.i was totally broken and shattered.i cursed this very human life and the creator. why such things happen and how to cope with them. i know this cycle of birth and death is a harsh reality but why? should we become more religious and start a search for god whether he exists at all or it's a myth? should we indulge ourselves in worldly pleasures all the time? is it worth anything that a person is hand to mouth,millionaire or a billionaire, if the end is same? why most people are not satisfied with their earnings and try to increase it,to a level not known to even themselves? is a decent house,spouse,child,vehicle,enough to sustain money sufficient to lead a purposeless life? why can't we destroy things like ego,jealousy,unlimited lust for money and material possessions,rivalry,etc.? what is the ultimate truth and whether we should follow it blindly or try to change something? whether this thought about the very purpose/meaning of this life comes to all minds? if yes, what they think or try to do to cope with such thoughts? kindly keep in mind that this discussion is not started due any sudden shock,grief,depression or anxiety.i almost daily wondered about this topic for a while since childhood(about 12 years old).
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